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Sergiy Poltavets Offline Outdoors Finance IdahoSergiy Poltavets Offline Outdoors Finance IdahoSergiy Poltavets Offline Outdoors Finance Idaho

Serge Poltavets is the kind of a person who was always good at math. The only thing he enjoys more than running numbers in his head is being outdoors, in particular he loves camping and extreme motor sports.

Serge who was raised in Idaho attended Boise State University and by the age of 21 graduated with a double bachelor degree in Finance and Accountancy. Shortly after graduation he got a temp position at the largest Idaho-owned office technology provider where he was performing duties of a Leasing Administrator. Upon completion of his term he accepted an offer and stayed with the company performing a role of a Sales Operations Coordinator. His responsibilities included, but were not limited to, acting as a liaison between sales and finance/accounting teams by way of data analysis, business intelligence, contract account reviews and sales data management.

“Owning a business was always a dream of mine” he said. That’s why he went to school studying what is known as the “language of business” and later worked so hard climbing corporate ladder. He doesn’t want to be next Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. All he wants is financial freedom to be able to unplug from the busy lifestyle that corporate America offers today, and do what he loves the most. Offline Outdoors is truly a unique opportunity combining both his passion of owning a business and enjoying outdoors. Serge and three of his partners agree that it’s more than just a business for them. It’s something they truly believe in.